{pretty} office space

I want this home office. It's a little cluttered, sure, but the incredibly tall walls and the vast amount of natural light more than makes up for that. Perhaps it isn't so much that I want this office, but rather, I want a house where I can have a room this size that is completely devoted to my office {right now my "office" is along a wall in my smallish bedroom}. Or maybe it's the crazy collection of books and artwork that I really want. Maybe.

Note: this isn't the design studio I want. Just the home-office. I have yet to find my dream design studio. If you think your home studio or office is {pretty} cool, send pics my way. I love to be inspired!
{via : emmas designblogg - wish I knew the original source}


  1. Wow, I LOVE all the bookshelves. And those large windows are to die for!

  2. I love this office. Great lighting and tall ceiling, love them all.
    I even have enough books to fill all those book shelves and maybe some...LOL


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