pretty {much} summer's end

Tomorrow I leave for the Big Apple! I've been to New York once on a class trip, but to go with my mom with our own itinerary and the whole city in front of us, has sort of been a life-long dream of of mine. I feel like this trip is going to be the perfect ending to what was a pretty good summer. Any last minute suggestions for some cool artsy places to check out while I'm there?
Speaking of summer coming to an end, this treasury seems to express that last look at summer pretty superbly.
{via : Doc Martin Studio & cutiepie company - thanks!}

P.S. I won't be blogging while I'm gone because Blogger hates me and I can't get my scheduled posts to post! Check back next week to see how my trip went, as well as for the usual prettiness.

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  1. Have fun in the Big Apple! This is a perfect time to visit, the humidity is wayyy down this week and the weather is gorgeous. I would recommend of course MOMA, and if you like photography, the ICP. of course you probably knew that already! If you want any restaurant recommendations, I am good at those, feel free to email me by clicking through to my blog!


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