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If you follow my blog, you probably know that I've recently rediscovered my love of watercolor art. However, with so many amazing watercolor artists out there, I find it's hard for me to really become inspired by one artist alone. Enter the work of illustrator Stina Persson. Persson's work is both edgy and beautiful. And, to me, there's something about these striking images that seems...luminescent. I'm seriously considering breaking out the old Crayola watercolors that I've had scince junior high just to see how close I can get to this radiance.
{via : Stina Persson & Fey Handmade}


  1. those pictures are beautiful!I love watercolours.I painted with them for years.

  2. Hello, I'm loving your great blog -your posts are really interesting so thanks very much for sharing them. Pictures are really good too !

    Happy weekend,

  3. Those are fantastic! I love watercolor. I was playing around with oil paints, but decided that I like acrylic and watercolor better hehe.

  4. These are suck vibrant and alive watercolors. She really pushes the boarder on traditional techniques and I love it! The colors are so warm and inviting. Lovely work!

  5. These are really amazing. I love the use of white space in the second one but then I love the full color composition in the 4th one down. Excellent work!


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