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So, I'm pretty much geeking out over The Vampire Diaries. The television series, coming to the CW on September 10th, is based on some of my favorite books by young adult author, L.J. Smith. Or at least, they were my favorite books about ten years ago. Nonetheless, the giddy stupid feeling I got when I first saw the promo just proves that there's still a 13 year old fangirl in me hoping to finally fill the Buffy void. In fact, my inner fangirl hasn't geeked out this much since she first saw A Very Potter Musical! Two words...Totally. Awesome.
{pictures via : Sucker for Vampires & TV @ Spreadit.org}


  1. I must be living under a rock, I've never even heard of this before! Hahaha about looking to replace Buffy. Did you ever watch Angel? I never watched, it but I met the guy in it (now in the TV show Bones) at a fashion show!

  2. Wow i'm so surprised how Twilight has created all these vampire shows. Do you like Twilight? So it sounds like these books came out first? Have you seen or heard of the HBO show True Blood? I haven't seen it but i hear everyone loves it.

  3. Never heard of The Vampire Diaries before and now I am giddy too!

  4. Dionne, that's too cool that you met the guy from Angel! I used to watch that show a little bit, and I watch Bones now.

    Dana, I have read Twilight {loved the series!}, and the first thing I thought when I read them, was how much they reminded me of The Vampire Diaries (which, yes, did come out first..I'm not sure when exactly). I've never seen True Blood, but I've heard it's good, and also based on a book.


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