ooh la la {pretty}

Bonjour bloggers! Above are some custom coasters I designed for an Eiffel Tower admirer. It was sort of a challenge to make them mostly grayscale {if you look really closely, I slipped in a teeny bit of color}. Personally...

... I like color! C'est la vie. {No, I don't speak French, I Googled that.}
Wouldn't that last one make a great print? If you're looking for these in my Etsy shop, as either coasters or prints, you probably won't find them for a while. If ever. Thus, contact, convo, or comment below if you're interested in purchasing some custom Eiffel Tower goods {coasters, prints, magnets, notecards, pendants, or bookmarks!} Or other pretty, custom work for that matter.


  1. you're a talent- off to your etsy

  2. I want them all! Nice work. I really like the b&w ones.

  3. love these. it is my fourth anniversary of the year i went to paris, I am soooo missing that trip. wouldn't these make lovely cafe aprons and hand towels? maybe I just want to see them in every nook and cranny because they are so lovely

  4. wow - those are gorgeous! Just found your Etsy shop and ordered some coasters - but am looking through prints! You are extremely talented!

  5. These prints are wonderful :)
    I really love your work, and paris!!


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