{pretty} leaves

Hey everyone! Well, I'm back from my vacation in the Big Apple. It was...amazing, to say the least. I'm sure I'll go into more detail about my trip in a later post {once I've sorted out the things that were totally life-alteringly awesome from the things that were just really cool.} But, for now, I wanted to share with you this striking fall treasury. It's now September, which in my book means it's time for fall. Many thanks to Caitlin Sainio for including my print in this treasury that so beautifully represents my favorite time of year.

pretty {much} summer's end

Tomorrow I leave for the Big Apple! I've been to New York once on a class trip, but to go with my mom with our own itinerary and the whole city in front of us, has sort of been a life-long dream of of mine. I feel like this trip is going to be the perfect ending to what was a pretty good summer. Any last minute suggestions for some cool artsy places to check out while I'm there?
Speaking of summer coming to an end, this treasury seems to express that last look at summer pretty superbly.
{via : Doc Martin Studio & cutiepie company - thanks!}

P.S. I won't be blogging while I'm gone because Blogger hates me and I can't get my scheduled posts to post! Check back next week to see how my trip went, as well as for the usual prettiness.


{pretty} patiently

The Wait
Well, the busy {somewhat productive} weekend is over. And aside from getting pulled over for speeding for the first time in my life {grrr} it was pretty pleasant. I'm leaving for my long, long anticipated trip to NYC on Wednesday and I feel like all there is to do now is wait...patiently.
{cute print via : michele maule}


pretty {merry} doodles

Hello Friday! I'm so ready for the weekend, even though it's going to be a busy one {two parties, packing for NYC, must work on Pretty {much} Art!...} This past week was just exhausting and...uninspired. I'm determined to make this weekend feel productive, rather than overwhelming. Hope yours is a good one!

P.S. These prints {
Hello & Friday - get it?!} are from Etsy artist Leah Duncan. Her merry doodles remind of everything good about weekends.
{via: Leah Duncan}


pretty {plush}

I want Wednesday...
I love rugs, but I find that most rugs are either too crazy and modern to fit a room's decor, or they remind me of something that would lie in a grandmother's living room. These new Amy Butler rugs from Chandra are the perfect blend of modern and traditional. And don't they just look oh-so soft? The only problem...I think I want more than one.
{via: The Pink Needle, and amy butler for chandra}


pretty {much} worth it

Humm. I was going to write something creative-cute-artsy-cool here, but I just downloaded Third Eye Blind's new album and am way to absorbed in its awesomeness to think clearly. I'm aware that it's kind of lame that 3eb is still my favorite band after like 10 years and that this blog post is even lamer. But if your one of the fans who has anticipated this album release for the last 6 years, like me, you'll understand why I can't focus on anything else right now. Ahh, sometimes things are just worth the wait. So worth the wait.
{picture via: delawareonline}


{pretty} illuminating

If you follow my blog, you probably know that I've recently rediscovered my love of watercolor art. However, with so many amazing watercolor artists out there, I find it's hard for me to really become inspired by one artist alone. Enter the work of illustrator Stina Persson. Persson's work is both edgy and beautiful. And, to me, there's something about these striking images that seems...luminescent. I'm seriously considering breaking out the old Crayola watercolors that I've had scince junior high just to see how close I can get to this radiance.
{via : Stina Persson & Fey Handmade}


pretty {winning} design

So, about a year ago I was blessed with the chance to design the CD cover for one of my favorite singer's upcoming album. A contest was released to see who could come up with the winning design for Charlotte Martin's Orphans album cover, and I won! Ergo, CD's from one my favorite singers with my cover design were {and still are} sold all over the world. Pretty cool. Why am I bringing this up now? Well, another contest has been announced and I'm thinking I'll try again {you never know!} This contest is only to design a desktop wallpaper download for Martin's website, but hey, that's still something to sing about.


{pretty} office space

I want this home office. It's a little cluttered, sure, but the incredibly tall walls and the vast amount of natural light more than makes up for that. Perhaps it isn't so much that I want this office, but rather, I want a house where I can have a room this size that is completely devoted to my office {right now my "office" is along a wall in my smallish bedroom}. Or maybe it's the crazy collection of books and artwork that I really want. Maybe.

Note: this isn't the design studio I want. Just the home-office. I have yet to find my dream design studio. If you think your home studio or office is {pretty} cool, send pics my way. I love to be inspired!
{via : emmas designblogg - wish I knew the original source}


{pretty} fall feeling

Just in case you haven't stopped by my Etsy shop recently; take note! Pretty {much} Art is preparing for fall! With today's humid 80 something degree weather {at least in my neck of the woods} fall may seem far off. However, my favorite season is fast approaching and the anticipation has got me giving my shop an autumn overhaul. These cool prints will have you feeling the crisp chill of autumn air in no time!

View my shop for more, and check back for more to come!


{pretty} giddy

So, I'm pretty much geeking out over The Vampire Diaries. The television series, coming to the CW on September 10th, is based on some of my favorite books by young adult author, L.J. Smith. Or at least, they were my favorite books about ten years ago. Nonetheless, the giddy stupid feeling I got when I first saw the promo just proves that there's still a 13 year old fangirl in me hoping to finally fill the Buffy void. In fact, my inner fangirl hasn't geeked out this much since she first saw A Very Potter Musical! Two words...Totally. Awesome.
{pictures via : Sucker for Vampires & TV @ Spreadit.org}


pretty {fun} fair

Well, shortly I'll be heading to the fair. I'm going to go see Kellie Pickler. I'm not sure that I've ever heard any of her songs, but it should be fun! I'm listening to country music right now, in order to prepare. Have a great weekend all!

By the way, the print is from Walking to Jericho. She has been one of my absolute favorite Etsy artists from the beginning. Her hand-colored Polaroids are just too cool!
{via : Walking to Jericho}


this {pretty} piggy

Last night while taking my evening stroll through the town of Spencer, I happened upon a little garage sale just preparing to set up shop. The kind seller invited us {my mother and I} in to take a look around. I picked up a sweet little book entitled This Little Piggy Went to Prada {which the kind seller gave to me for free - score!}. Ok, so I wasn't actually that into the story, but the illustrations were sort of stunning.

This book was illustrator, Zebby Eun-kyung Kang's debut. It's obvious Kang's process {which includes creatively spilling coffee on her work} derives from the world of fashion illustration. I've always loved fashion illustration, and have recently renewed my love for pen and ink and watercolor illustrations. And I love seeing these mediums come to life in the form of a book. A book that I got at a garage sale - for free! Humm, I wonder where Inspiration will find me next...
{via : zebby}


pretty {street} chic

I want Wednesday...
I've taken to the streets. Street chic daily, that is. Elle's daily style blog features real people, in real cities, looking really stylish. My trip to New York is almost here {eek!} It's three weeks away and I have nothing to wear, so I'm looking for a little uptown inspiration.
I love, love, love the style in the picture above. It's chic, and yet looks completely carefree. I'm sure I could wear something like that all day feeling confident and comfy. And since I'm such a fan of supporting all that is handmade, I'm sure I could find a look like this on

Looks like I'd better get shopping! It's really too bad paying back school loans cuts so much into looking pretty. Ahh priorities.
{via : Elle News Blog, 1. Silver Collection, 2. marie fly fly, 3. lamixx, 4. Stephanie Teague}


ooh la la {pretty}

Bonjour bloggers! Above are some custom coasters I designed for an Eiffel Tower admirer. It was sort of a challenge to make them mostly grayscale {if you look really closely, I slipped in a teeny bit of color}. Personally...

... I like color! C'est la vie. {No, I don't speak French, I Googled that.}
Wouldn't that last one make a great print? If you're looking for these in my Etsy shop, as either coasters or prints, you probably won't find them for a while. If ever. Thus, contact, convo, or comment below if you're interested in purchasing some custom Eiffel Tower goods {coasters, prints, magnets, notecards, pendants, or bookmarks!} Or other pretty, custom work for that matter.

{pretty} okay

i would follow you anywhere...
Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but my Monday is turning out to be a pretty okay day. Sure it's Monday, but other than that...
I only had to work a half day at work today {leaving me with a generous amount of time to work on Pretty {much} Art goodness}. And, I realized that my blog reached 100 followers over the weekend {hence, the
"i would follow you anywhere" print from urban junkies photography. Pretty cute, right?}.

I also found out that I'm featured in this oh-so sophisticated treasury. Very red-hot, and certainly pretty.
{via : urban junkies photography & Vivians Romeo - thanks!}
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