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Yesterday I discovered the amazing work of Etsy artist Yellena. Actually, discovered isn't quite how I'd put it. It's more like...I fell. A hole opened and I fell into the parallel universe that is the work of Yellena James. An organic, colorful, living, vibrating, far-out universe. These Seussian works of art are a striking source of inspiration.
{via : Yellena}


  1. Those are lovely! I think Seussian is an appropriate description. Have a lovely day :)

  2. I have admired her works for awhile too... its so pretty and delicate looking! ;)

  3. Her drawings are so amazing! I want to buy one for my bathroom when the renno is done.

  4. Yellena's was one of the first shops I hearted on etsy! Thanks for reminding me about her beautiful work!

  5. Yellena's work is absolutely breath taking! Thanks so much for introducing me to her work. Such incredible color and design, it's really fantastic!

    Love your blog in general, great job girl!

  6. Yellena is a great find, and your blog is lovely!


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