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I want Wednesday...
I want to see this movie. And I'm not really sure why {aside from the fact that Rachel McAdams is by far one of my favorite actresses}. The Time Traveler's Wife looks as though it could be cheesily romantic, geekily sci-fi, or profoundly thought-provoking. I'm guessing it falls somewhere within the three. Whichever way, its intriguing storyline {about a man who involuntarily and sporadically travels through time - or rather about his wife} has me wanting to go.

By the way, has anyone read the book that this movie is based on? I never have, but I'm wondering if I should...
{pictures via : capathon screen captures, Pop Culture Nerd & Cinematropolis}


  1. Definitely should read the book. It's interesting how the author manages to keep everything straight when you're jumping through different times. Must-read.

  2. I think the movie seems intriguing, too.

  3. I'd like to see this one too. The actress was wonderful in my favorite movie "The Notebook".

  4. I think the book was part of the "Oprah Winfrey Book Club" and I'm pretty sure I started it, but for some reason I didn't continue reading... That movie does look good though :)

  5. What?! Where was I when they decided to make a movie?! Thanks!


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