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This weekend I attended the 51st annual Madison Art Fair on the Square in Madison, WI. The amount of creative artists was astounding and included many talented Etsians.

One such Etsy artist with particularly innovative work was Dolan Geiman. Geiman's mixed-media, collage style pieces are eco-friendly, made using found objects and recycled materials. And, with a portion of all of his online sales being donated to the National Audubon Society, Dolan seems pretty big on giving back. Visit his shop to get a pretty cool piece of art that you {and your conscious} can feel good about.
{via : Dolan Geiman}


  1. Going to go visit the shop now, looks like it was lovely!!

  2. Thanks for visiting us at the Madison Art Fair on the Square and for the blog love. We really appreciate the support! We'd be happy to reciprocate with a link on our Friends and Sponsors page. See http://www.dolangeiman.com/link_exchange.php for instructions.

    Dolan & Ali


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