feeling {pretty} good

Blanca Gòmez's shop has been an Etsy favorite of mine for a while now. For some reason, I came back to these prints today and they really made me feel good. Perhaps for the simple fact that these charming characters are smiling, even though they're getting rained on. Que Sera Sera. That's kind of how I feel today, and it feels pretty good.
{via : blancucha - who has many more cute characters in her shop}


a {pretty} moving picture

I want Wednesday...
I want to see this movie. And I'm not really sure why {aside from the fact that Rachel McAdams is by far one of my favorite actresses}. The Time Traveler's Wife looks as though it could be cheesily romantic, geekily sci-fi, or profoundly thought-provoking. I'm guessing it falls somewhere within the three. Whichever way, its intriguing storyline {about a man who involuntarily and sporadically travels through time - or rather about his wife} has me wanting to go.

By the way, has anyone read the book that this movie is based on? I never have, but I'm wondering if I should...
{pictures via : capathon screen captures, Pop Culture Nerd & Cinematropolis}


{pretty} refreshing

I really like this packaging from Big Fish. The typography looks handwritten perfect for the natural Belvoir Fruit Farm's beverages. The slanted labels look both handmade and upscale; organic and lavish; energizing and effortless. And the array of colors coordinate perfectly with each other. Now that's pretty refreshing.
{via :
Lovely Package & Belvoir Fruit Farms}


{pretty} plastic

Well, I've done it. I've officially jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Here's to being a part of the mainstream...we'll see how long this lasts. Let me know if you tweet so we can tweet at each other! Tweet!
{tweet necklace via : plastique*}


pretty {purple} prints

I actually don't work with purple a lot in my art, but I think these custom prints I did turned out great. If you're interested in a custom print {or a custom set of coasters, magnets, note cards, a pendant, or a bookmark} please contact me, or convo me via Etsy.


{pretty} peeps

I want Wednesday...I want these suede peep toe wedge boots before fall.
{via : Free People}


pretty cool {calm & collected}

My note cards are in a treasury. Relaxing indeed.
{thanks to : Vivian's Romeo}


pretty {rock'n}

This weekend I grabbed my sweatshirt, my camera, and my artwork and set up shop at a little gala known as Bubblefest. Aside from the small turnout due to absurdly cold Wisconsin weather {I was literally wearing 5 shirts at one point}, the day pretty much rocked. By the way, the amusement of bubbles is seriously underrated.


{pretty} fest

Pretty {much} Art will be showing {and hopefully selling} at Bubblefest tomorrow! If you find yourself in Marshfield, WI, please stop by and say hi. Bubblefest is an art and music festival featuring more than 6 bands from Wisconsin and Minnesota. There will be food, art, music, and BUBBLES! It starts at 1:00 at the beautiful Columbia Park, and it's free!

Also, don't forget that today is the last day to enter the Pretty {much} Art giveaway. You have until 11:59pm to enter, so click here!

{picture via : Magic Celebration Factory}


pretty {spellbinding} style

I want Wednesday...Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince officially opens today! Therefore, I dedicate this Wednesday Want to one of its stars, Emma Watson. She's turning into a fashion icon and I want her style!
{pictures via : fanpop.com}

a {pretty} summer in Wisconsin

I'm in another pretty treasury! Thanks to Perfect Paper Shop {a fellow member of The Moo Crew - or Etsy Wisconsin Street Team}.

Also, the Breath of Fresh Air treasury that my bookmark was featured on is a part of the Elite Eight this week on S and O Productions blog. Check out their post for the other seven simply stunning treasuries!
{thanks to : Perfect Paper Shop & S and O Productions}


pretty {green} art

This weekend I attended the 51st annual Madison Art Fair on the Square in Madison, WI. The amount of creative artists was astounding and included many talented Etsians.

One such Etsy artist with particularly innovative work was Dolan Geiman. Geiman's mixed-media, collage style pieces are eco-friendly, made using found objects and recycled materials. And, with a portion of all of his online sales being donated to the National Audubon Society, Dolan seems pretty big on giving back. Visit his shop to get a pretty cool piece of art that you {and your conscious} can feel good about.
{via : Dolan Geiman}


{pretty} appreciated

It's been a little over a month since I've delved into the blogging world, and the positive response to my blog has been a bit overwhelming and entirely flattering. Thanks to all of you who have featured, followed, read, or glanced at my blog.

Also, a big thank you goes out to the two blogs {shown above} who have featured Pretty {much} Art this weekend. To Fleur Avenue who included my blog, amongst 4 other lovely reads, on her followfriday blog style post. And to A Kingdom By The Sea for her amazing feature of my Etsy shop. It's obvious that a lot of time and thought went into that post, and believe me, it is not unappreciated.
{thanks to : Fleur Avenue & A Kingdom By The Sea}


pretty {fresh}

Hello again. I just wanted to share with you the beautiful treasury that I've just discovered I'm in. It really is a breath of fresh air.
{thanks to : green pocketbooks, etc.}

pretty {coaster} crazy

Happy Friday! And what a great day to list some new items on Etsy. Check out my shop for some pretty new coasters {and, as always, keep checking back for more!}
Have a fantastic weekend!


pretty {trippy}

Yesterday I discovered the amazing work of Etsy artist Yellena. Actually, discovered isn't quite how I'd put it. It's more like...I fell. A hole opened and I fell into the parallel universe that is the work of Yellena James. An organic, colorful, living, vibrating, far-out universe. These Seussian works of art are a striking source of inspiration.
{via : Yellena}


{pretty} sticky

I want Wednesday... I want these juicy pear and apple sticky notes designed by D-BROS. Super cute; these sticky notes look good enough to eat! Of course, feeling a little hungry every time you write a note, could be a bit of a sticky situation.
{via : Twig & Thistle, Pictures via : KOK}


{pretty} happy

Nothing quite makes my day like the feeling I get when I hear that someone has featured my work on their blog {except of course seeing I sold something on Etsy!} Today a set of my coasters are being featured on my Handmade Registry via Linda's wish list. Many thanks to Linda and my Hadmade Registry for their support!
{via : my Handmade Registry}


my {first} pretty giveaway!

Hello all. Today I will be doing my first giveaway! I'm a featured artist on J. Leigh Designz blog during her Etsy 4th of July Bash {multiple giveaways every day from July 3rd - 7th.} Starting at noon today, you can go here to read my interview and get the chance to win these oh-so-cute, super fun, HOT PINK dragonfly magnets. Good luck!
{via : J. Leigh Designz}
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