a pretty {rainy} day

It's been a pretty rainy day here in Wisconsin. Not to mention cold! It's a good thing I found these amazing umbrellas from Umbrella Society. Their umbrellas are stylish and unique, further fueling my obsession for these practical fashion statements.
Check out their website for cute features like, The History of the Umbrella, and Umbrella Etiquette. And the sweetest part? A portion of all Umbrella Society profits this year will be donated toward The Orphanage Project in order to build an orphanage near the outskirts of New Delhi for the poor and desolate. Now that's pretty classy.
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umbrella society}


  1. I love the pictures and your coasters are awesome! Very nice blogs!

  2. Those umbrellas are so fun. I share that obsession with practical and fashionable.



  3. Love those umbrellas! I am a sucker for cute umbrellas.. I recalling buying 4 - 5 when I was in Taiwan due to the pretty details and shapes :)

  4. those are so cute.. definitely need one here, since it rains quite a bit!


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